Thursday, December 09, 2004

Salute to fellow Indian!!!

Imagine this Indian government does not provide any Social Security to its citizen or any Medicare for its citizen, but still everyone manages to look after their family whenever there is a crisis. Indian government is not filled with intelligent people in fact you can find uneducated and the dumbest person sitting down in the highest level of offices. Then how can individual Indians make it to the top achieving highest level of knowledge? It’s the family which helps create the intelligent Indians; each and every family tries to somehow get their son’s and daughters educated so that they will receive little more education then their parents. They sacrifice a lot to give an education to their children; I have personally come across so many families where they skip a meal so that they can provide education to their children. I met a father at a hospital where he had just donated one of his kidneys to help raise money for his family. (How many parents are ready to do this sacrifice to uplift their families?) Sacrifices like this has made Indians achieve the highest level of knowledge. With 1 billion populations you can imagine why India can produce high quality people, because there is a constant competition even for simple things, like getting into a primary school. Today the dumb people in the politics put up a huge show and state that they are making India shine and the media also does not understand what is going on the background. Indians will be successful only till they remember the sacrifices made by their families and ready to make that sacrifice for their children’s. So whenever you speak about India’s success don’t talk about the Indian government, speak about the Individuals you made India shine. All I ask is instead of saying “Third world country” say “Third world politicians” so that everyone in this world will know Indian politicians hide behind hard working Indians.

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