Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yes, you are reading it correctly. The title of the blog has changed too having moved the focus from technology to business and SOA to social media.

And why this change??

While technology is always my first love, it was time that I applied my learning & leanings to understand the business aspect. Since having moved to presales & partner management roles, it was imperative that I learn the nuances of business & thanks to my organisation Mahindra Satyam for offering such roles.

Why Social Media??

Having started my career in the Information Technology industry, I had always relied on friends on the various online forums for help, tips & advice at critical time. Was it not Social Media then? So I am not a late entrant & neither is Social Media new. But with the advent of sites like Twitter, Facebook et al, messaging has become short & quick and the new generation took to it like storm. Add to that the advent of different form factors - smart phones, tablets; instant messaging is the way to go.

So here I am...back to my writing ways & hoping to stay connected more often.

Twitter Handle: malharbarai

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