Tuesday, January 03, 2012

5 'P'illars of Social Media

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"2012 has arrived & here's me wishing you a fabulous year ahead"

The goal for year forward for all of us will be to become as engaged with customers as it could be possible. Social Media is one such medium which offers limitless opportunities - product launches, interesting offers, events, photos to get engaged or even generate new business.

In the first post of the new year, am listing the 5 key pillars to achieve success on "Social" channels - Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus et al. Whether you are starting your social media journey or you're already at the top, these few ideas can help you notch up the efforts in the right direction.

1. People

Invest in 'people'. Get on-board people with knowledge about the medium - the multiple channels, SEO, PPC; to ensure that your organisation covers all the possible medium of communication. Ensure, you or the team engages with the audience thereby giving a personal attention to them.

2. Process

Build a set of questions on your motivation to target the medium. That will help you in demystifying the medium and enable to streamline the process to achieve the required goal. Make sure to document the process which can improve the depth of knowledge assets.

3. Product

Put technology to work. There are companies who have already developed "products" that help you take greater advantage of the existing social medium

- Timing your updates - Use Timely or Buffer (@BufferApp)
- Social Media Monitoring & Engagement - Use Radian6, Commun.it

4. Proliferation

Scoop the web, certain best practices are already out there. Utlize these assets & spread awareness about your brand, activities across diffrent social channels.

5. Promotion

Since you have taken steps to proliferate your organisation, brand the last critical step is to promote. Focus on engagement (2-way conversation), quality of your messages (not the number of messages). Engagement with customers will lead to stronger relationship & word-of-mouth publicity. But remember, social media is not spamming.

Thanks for reading through. Please do comment & share your thoughts, let's get engaged!!! Happy New Year!!!

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