Sunday, March 11, 2012

Social Media & Changing Food Habits

You can say, this journey of change in food habits started during my first visit of the US. Almost, 8 years back I tasted 'Pad Thai' and 'fruit tart' for the first time & instantly fell in love with it. Since then, I have been trying to perfect it & today it tastes good & so my wife wanted to put up the recipe on her food blog (haven't obliged her with the Pad Thai recipe yet :-) ). The discussion with her though brought to my notice how the food habits around us & including ours have changed with the proliferation of social media.

Food is something that is intrinsic to all of us & you can gauge the popularity with the number of blogs dedicated to it, be it - healthy, organic, vegan, pastries etc or the number of photos appearing on Pinterest.

So what is driving the change?

Frequent Travel
Food habits in each of the country were quite unique to the place of living, but since the late nineties when people started traveling places frequently as the businesses started going global, there was this sudden interest to learn recipes of distant lands. Today, mom's recipes has been replaced by food blogs.

Social Channels

A visit to made me realize the number of contest taking place - Healthy Blog, Best Food Photography & others. And the key drivers of these contests is the healthy dose of sharing across the social networks - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (offlate). 

Even the food chains have become suave enough to have presence on Social Media and ensure that they grab eyeballs as well as business. Take the case of McDonalds & Subway brand pages on Twitter.

But more than them, its the individual contributors who write regularly - the likes of Chinmayee Bhat @LoveFoodEat or Sukaina @SipsAndSpoonful or Susan Voisin @Fat Free Vegan.

These folks have made sure that the traditional recipes are shared & adopted. In family dinner or even otherwise, the eclectic dishes are indeed derived from either a blog or probably the host came across a Tweet or Facebook post.

While, I can't still make out what a ganache means, my wife has already put her baking skills to test (unfortunately on me!!!) tonite. 

Do share your thoughts & how your food habits have changed. Make use of the comment section below and share your favorite recipe or two and your thoughts. Meanwhile, cheers to Pepperica (@jalbarai) for igniting these topic.

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